Your Ayurvedic experience begins with an in-depth consultation.

An initial consultation will involve an in-depth interview analysing all aspects of the patient’s complaint or ailment – be it mental or physical – and assessing constitutional type (Prakriti) and any imbalance (Vikruti). The consultation also includes evaluating the pulse (Nadi Vijnanam), tongue diagnosis as well as skin, hair and facial analysis. Digestive capacity will also be assessed and the practitioner will measure blood pressure.

One of the methods of Ayurvedic examination is through pulse assessment. An Ayurvedic pulse assessment, called Nadi Vijnanam, will provide insight into the Prakruti (Ayurvedic constitution), Vikruti (imbalances) and various doshic disorders of a patient. The pulse is a subtle manifestation of universal consciousness pulsating throughout an individual’s constitution and provides understanding, comprehension and knowledge into examining and treating the patient.

Changes to daily routine and dietary habits will be discussed with the aim of restoring balance through diet, lifestyle, classical Ayurvedic preparations and body cleansing advice. You will receive a personalised and handwritten treatment plan to take home!

If you purchase the Lakshmi Team EBook along with your consultation, you will receive the book for a discounted rate of $22. You are welcome to visit our online shop for more information about the book.

Initial consultation:

60 – 75 minutes – $130
Follow up 30 minutes – $60
Follow up 60 minutes – $95

Initial Consultation combined with a Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultation – $180.

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Lakshmi Ayurveda Consultation

Meet the Lakshmi Ayurveda Nutritionist, Erica!

Erica is a qualified Nutritionist with a Bachelors of Health Science. A Nutrition Consultation is extremely beneficial for anyone wanting to improve their current diet, those struggling with diabetes, weight issue, cardiovascular disease, digestive issues, skin problems, and any other lifestyle related imbalance.

An initial nutrition consultation will involve a comprehensive assessment of your current health status, diet and lifestyle. You and Erica will discuss obstacles that may be preventing you from achieving your health goals. Together you will developed a personalised meal plan along with simple and inexpensive recipes for you to make at home.

On-going support and motivated is always provided through regular sessions.

Cost: $80 for an initial consultation

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