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  • Windy Weather Ayurvedic Advice

    July 28, 2021 1 min read

    Windy Weather Ayurvedic Advice
    It’s such a windy day here in Fremantle! A perfect day to curl up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and a book ☕️

    This weather is fitting for our post yesterday regarding the element of wind. The wind element, Vayu in Sanskrit. With qualities of light, dry, cold, rough, mobile, clear and subtle we need to balance these with opposite qualities.

    Follow these tips below to keep protected from the element Vayu 

      1. Balance the quality of coolness: Wear a scarf and hat. Don’t loose heat from the head

      1. Balance the quality of roughness with Nasya treatment at home: 2 drops of ksheerabala oil in each nostril in the morning on an empty stomach.

      1. Balance the quality of lightness with grounding foods. Incorporate opposite qualities to wind with more grounding foods such as root vegetables, warm foods, warm drinks, etc. 

      1. Protect the digestive fire. Wind has the power to diminish the fire, therefore it is important to ensure you are protecting the fire. Using digestive spices and drinking warm water are two ways to keep the fire strong.

      1. Abhyanga oil massage at home. Protect the skin from the dryness of wind. Make sure not to wear the oil directly in the wind!

      1. Balance the winds mobility with grounding practices. Curl up with a warm cup of tea, practice balancing meditation, prayer, reading or other creative practices you enjoy.

    Wishing you a great, warm and dry day ⛈

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