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  • Rasayana Treatment

    The Ultimate Rejuvenation

    What will my Rasayana Treatment include?


    During your Rasayana treatment consultation, you will discuss your treatment plan based on your medial history and current state of health.


    Rejuvenating supplements will be prescribed to you based on your personal constitution. These can include Chyawanaprash, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Triphala and Shatavari to name a few.

    Nourishing Foods

    Incorporating healthy eating habits and Ojas promoting foods such as ghee, dates, almonds, etc will be incorporated to help support the building of immunity.

    Rejuvenating Treatment

    Treatments geared towards deeply nourishing the dhatus. Specialised treatments tailored to your personal needs and imbalances. Promotes the building of Ojas within the body.

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