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  • Who Struggles With Sleep?

    October 01, 2021 2 min read

    Who Struggles With Sleep?
    Sleep is one of the trayopastambha, the three pillars of life. We all know how it can hugely impact us if we have a rough nights sleep. 

    Vata Sleep: Vata individuals or imbalanced may experience very light and scanty sleep. We find that having a very slow and relaxing evening routine, consistently, can help a person with Vata tendencies to wind down for the evening.

    Pitta Sleep: Pitta individuals may have more trouble falling asleep. As pitta time of the day ranges from 10pm-2pm, its important that they get to bed and asleep before 10pm, as they may struggle sleeping if staying up too late.

    Kapha Sleep: Kapha individuals usually sleep long hours and very deeply. The lucky ones! Although they are definitely prone to oversleeping and feeling lethargic. 

    Kills the Agni: Improper sleep does impact our digestive fire. As we know from previous posts, low Agni results in the formation of AMA, digestive toxins. Sleep is crucial in aiding the Agni.

    Manas: it can be observed that many people with sleep disorders tend to suffer from mental distress including anxiety and depression. Balancing sleep cycles can provide them with a sense of ease.

    So how can we help with sleep? As mentioned, an evening routine, Ratricharya, is essential. Try these tips:

      1. Set the ambiance. Light some candles, low lighting, read a relaxing book. Make sure your space is clean and energetically feels good for you.
      2. Foot and head massage.
      3. Meditation.
      4. Abhyanga oil massage. Make sure not to go to bed cold!
      5. Use Ayurvedic herbs to promote sleep based on recommendations from your Practitioner.

    If you have any questions regarding your evening routine you are welcome to contact us.

    Wishing you a great evening.

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