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  • How to properly consume milk.

    March 22, 2022 2 min read

    How to properly consume milk.
    Milk is called क्षीर Kshira in Sanskrit. 

    Ayurveda speaks about the many benefits of consuming cows milk. However, it also gives clear guidelines as to how it should be consumed.

      • milk should be boiled before consuming, uncooked milk is called abhishyandi (causes moisture from the tissue and can produce Ama). Best to boil only for a few minutes if you boil the milk for too long it becomes heavy to digest. 

      • Cardamom is the best spice to avoid mucous and Kapha aggravation. Other spices to add are turmeric, ginger cinnamon and black pepper. Spices make the milk easier digestible but also add medicinal properties. Try Lakshmi’s golden milk mix. You will love it 

      • Adding nutmeg is a good home remedy for insomnia. 

      • Ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha and Shatavari are considered a powerful rejuvenation when added to milk. 

    How not to consume milk ? 

    Viruddhahara is a Sanskrit word for incompatible food combinations. Read a few below related to the consumption of milk:

      • All sour substances are incompatible with milk.

      • Milk should be avoided after the consumption of green leafy vegetables.

      • Fish and milk are incompatible. 

      • Tulsi and milk are incompatible.

      • Mango and cold milk.

      • Milk should always be consumed warm, avoid cold milk!

    No banana and milk smoothies!

    Before learning about Ayurveda many of us would consume fruits and milk, add milk and banana to smoothies and many other combinations suggested to be avoided.

    Why are these foods incompatible? There are a number of reasons and we will highlight a few throughout the week to come.

    We wish you a beautiful Sunday. Enjoy your milk the Ayurvedic way. 

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