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  • Rainy weather remedies.

    August 18, 2021 2 min read

    Rainy weather remedies.
    Yesterday we posted about Jala, the water element. This week we have been experiencing Jala through rainfall ☔️ How would Ayurveda look at balancing the impact the the rain would have on our bodies?

    Qualities of Jala include heaviness, gross and cold. These qualities can throw our bodily systems out of balance if not experienced in moderation. Especially now in Perth as we experience the rain in addition to cool temperatures.

    How to balance these qualities of the water element? To bring balance we need to incorporate a healthy amount of the opposite qualities.

      • Opposite to the quality of Cold? Heat! More heat in our lives through warm drinks, food, treatments, activity. Wear warm clothing!

      • Opposite to the quality of heaviness? Lightness! Physical exercise and yoga are great for combatting the heavy qualities of Jala.

      • Try dry body brushing in the morning to stimulate the lymphatic system ✨ If you have sensitive skin then try using a garshana glove, a silk glove, instead.

      • Incorporate more digestive spices into your diet including cumin, black pepper, pippali, ajwain, ginger to name a few.

      • Eat more light and easy to digest foods during heavy rains.

    What may excess water element look like?

      • Physically as excess water retention, lethargy, slow digestion.

      • Emotionally and mentally as excessively emotional, lethargic and slow thinking.

    Remember, each of us has all five elements within us in different proportions. The panchamahabhutas make up our unique constitution which is our individual impact in the world.

    Curious to learn more about your constitution? You’re welcome to book in with one of our practitioners to learn more about your unique blend of the elements - the link to view appointments is in our bio.

    With love from Lakshmi Ayurveda.

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