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  • Treating Sunburns ☀️ from an Ayurvedic perspective.

    January 13, 2022 1 min read

    Treating Sunburns ☀️ from an Ayurvedic perspective.
    We wrote last week about Asatmya indriyartha Samyoga, misuse of the senses in regards to the sense of sight. Today we will speak about overuse of the tactile sensation of touch and the skin.

    Atiyoga Sparshendriya can be translated as the excessive use of the sense of touch through the skin. As it is summer here in Perth, we see many sunburns due to excessive exposure of the skin to the sun ☀️ Overexposure can encourage dangerous skin conditions to develop, excess heat in the body, digestive complaints and speed up the ageing process

    How to treat sunburns from an Ayurvedic perspective:

      • Aloe Vera - apply Aloe Vera to the skin throughout the day.

      • Stay hydrated with coconut water and seasonal fruits.

      • Apply ghee or Shata dhauta Ghrita to the burned area. Will help the skin to heal.

      • Apply a very fine powder of turmeric and sandalwood powder to make a paste to apply to the area. Can be mixed with cool water or ghee before application.

    Remember ‼️ prevention is always better than cure! Avoid excessive exposure sun exposure, wear a hat, stay cool and hydrated during these hot months!

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