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  • Prevent Early Wrinkles with an Ayurvedic Diet!

    June 14, 2021 2 min read

    Prevent Early Wrinkles with an Ayurvedic Diet!

    I am sure you have heard about the multitude of benefits from Collagen. It’s sold often in pharmacies, supermarkets, health food shops … collagen bars, collagen powders, collagen drinks.

    So, what is collagen? ??‍♀️ It is a protein that makes up a large part of our skin, our ligaments, muscles, tendons, and other connective tissue. Its even located in our blood ? This protein gives our skin the beautiful looks of youth, elasticity and firmness. In a healthy and balanced state, collagen will naturally repair and rejuvenate itself in our bodies.

    Collagen is known for its beauty related benefits on the skin, hair health, nail health, preventing ageing, etc. However all of the marketed products including collagen are derived from animal products which may cause conflicting views for vegetarians and vegans.

    So, how can you ensure sustainable beauty care as a vegetarian or vegan? Ayurveda offers ancient knowledge regarding beauty and rejuvenation therapy. These suggestions generally do not derive from animal products. Depleted collagen often results in arthritis issues, hair loss, joint pain and osteoporosis etc. From an Ayurvedic perspective we can relate this depletion from one aspect to depleted Sleshaka Kapha. Sleshaka Kapha is known for its lubricaiton of the joints and connective tissues.

    Again, in a balanced state our bodies naturally produce and replenish collagen within the body. From an Ayurvedic perspective we will address the need to create balance within the body through Ayurvedic diet, herbs, lifestyle and skin products. See a few recommendations below.

    Ayurvedic facial products:

    - Face masks with Ayurvedic herbs. Yasthimadhu (liquorice), Sariva, Manjistha, Sandalwood etc.

    - Ayurvedic oils. Kumkumadi beauty oil, Yashtimadhu oil etc.

    - Kansa Wands. See our previous articles for further information.

    Ayurvedic Diet as a vegetarian:

    - Organic nuts, beans and legumes.

    - Coriander leaves.

    - Pomegranate.

    - Fresh and seasonal produce.

    - Address the Agni ? Make sure your digestive fire is strong.

    - Ghee.

    - Eggs ?

    - Asparagus.

    Ayurvedic herbs:

    - Vitamin C. Amalaki is amazing for its high vitamin C content!

    - Licorice.

    - Ashwagandha.

    Ayurvedic Lifestyle:

    - Don’t smoke.

    - Oil massage - daily if possible!

    - Rose water and facial routine.

    - Yoga and meditation routine to reduce stress.

    - Exercise.

    Restoring collagen is possible as a vegetarian! This includes following an Ayurvedic lifestyle to ensure balance in our lives.

    If you have any questions regarding beauty care through Ayurveda you’re welcome to contact us. Our details are in the bio. We have facial treatments available for those interested in a luxurious pampering.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!