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  • Ayurvedic Stool Examination

    December 07, 2021 2 min read

    Ayurvedic Stool Examination
    The Bristol Stool chart is often used in western medicine diagnostics to determine the quality of ones bowel movements.

    We find this chart useful here at the clinic! Check out our stories to view the chart.

    Ayurveda goes beyond the stool chart to examine additional aspects of a bowel movement. This will include if the excretion is sticky, if it floats or sinks, if it smells, the colour, undigested foods, straining, complete expelling, etc.

    So what should a normal poo look like? Medium brown in colour, no significant smell, no undigested food, smooth, should not sink or stick to the toilet and should feel like a complete bowel movement.

    Check out your poo the next time you use the toilet. What is the colour, consistency, smell and observe the schedule of your bowel movements. Ideally you should go at least once a day and at around the same time. This is generally best in the morning upon waking.

    Following an Ayurvedic diet will provide you with an adequate amount of fibre to support healthy bowel movements. These foods include legumes and lentils, plenty of fibre rich veggies such as broccoli and okra, digestible nuts, steel cut oats, fruits such as figs, raspberries, mango pear etc.

    Do you struggle with constipation? Check out our previous post about raisins and how to make your own raisin water.

    Eating at a consistent time each day, drinking plenty of warm water and a number of other Ayurvedic recommendations will help aid proper digestion and elimination.

    If you have questions regarding your diet, intake of fibre and how to improve your digestion you are welcome to book in with on of our practitioners to discuss further. Appointments available via the link in our bio.

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