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  • Gulkand Preparation - Rose Petal Jam

    December 14, 2022 1 min read

    Gulkand Preparation - Rose Petal Jam
    Last month Karin explained the benefits of Gulkand. Check out her IG video in our stories and profile

    To review, Gulkand is a rose petal jam. Gulkand means rose and kand translates as sweet.

    This cooling rose petal jam is a traditional Ayurvedic recipe.

    It is best for Pitta and great during the hot summer month due to its cooling effect on the body and mind. And it’s absolutely delicious!

    Some of the benefits of Gulkand include reducing excess heat in the body and mind, rich in antioxidants, boosts immunity, beneficial in acidity, purifies the blood, naturally anti-aging, useful for migraines and much more!

    Great for Sadhaka Pitta, this recipe helps to balance emotions.

    Rose petals were washed and combined with coconut sugar and kept in the sun ☀️, stirred off and on for about 4 weeks.

    Check out the pictures and Karin’s video to learn more about this delicious recipe. Easy to make at home!

    We hope you enjoy ♥️

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