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  • Plaksa - Ficus lacor

    October 25, 2023 1 min read

    Plaksa - Ficus lacor

    Plaksa is one of the 5 trees used for the famous Ayurvedic formulation called Panchavalkala (the bark of five medicinal trees).

    Panchavalkala, 5 herb barks.

    1. Vata/ ficus bengalensis Linn

    2. Aswatta/ ficus religiosa

    3. Udumbara/ ficus racemosa Linn

    4. Plaksha/ ficus lacor

    5. Parisha/ ficus arnottiana.

    A kwatham is prepared out of these 5 barks used for a panchavalkala kwatham sitz bath (avagaham). We have posted about the sitz bath a few days ago.

    Panchavalkala is so beneficial in female health, candida, vaginal infections, leucorrhoea and more. It is has wonderful wound healing qualities.

    For more information about sitz bath or Yoni steam email to schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners.

    We wish you a beautiful day.

    PS: the photos from the ficus tree are from my recent trip to India. With Love, Karin