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  • Kerala style vegetable stew made in 20 minutes!

    April 06, 2021 1 min read

    Kerala style vegetable stew made in 20 minutes!

    This dish is called Isthu in the southern parts of India. It is a cooling recipe and wonderful for the end of summer. ?

    The dish can be severed with rice, flat bread and rice noodles. ? ? ?

    Coconut milk is great to pacify Vata and Pitta and gives it a typical Kerala flavour. ? ?

    The ayurvedic properties of coconut milk ? ?

    Rasa (taste) - madhura (sweet)

    Guna (quality) - snigdha (oily), guru (heavy), sheeta (cooling)

    Veerya (potency) - sheeta (cooling)

    Prabhava (special action) - rasayana (rejuvenative)

    Benefits: ???

    Relieves weakness (brmhana action), helps in headaches (shirashoola), strengthens the muscular system (used in mamsa kshaya) and is beneficial in Vata disorder.

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