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  • Women’s Wellbeing

    April 19, 2021 1 min read

    Women’s Wellbeing

    To expand upon yesterdays article on Endometriosis, we wanted to write about different teas ? available to support general women’s health and hormonal balance. See the end of the post for the ingredients in this photo.

    Our homemade women’s wellbeing tea blend includes a mix of Amalaki, Shatavari and Ashwagandha. Each of these herbs ? has a unique role on the physiology of a woman’s body.

    Amalaki is known to assist in fertility and reproductive health. The high Vitamin C content helps promote Ojas in immunity and strength.

    Shatavari helps to balance hormones, support the reproductive system and promote the production of breast milk. The high antioxidant levels also support general immunity.

    Ashwagandha, widely known for helping combat stress, also improves fertility and increases libido.

    Our Women’s Wellbeing tea is available in the shop and online!

    Another simple and beautiful tea to support women’s health is a mixture of rose buds, lavender and jasmine. All of which are available for purchase at the clinic. This mix is found in the What to Eat For How You Feel cookbook written by Divya Alter. The fragrant blend is useful in supporting emotions, lifting ones mood, promoting sattvic thoughts by encouraging feelings of peace and tranquility.

    A perfect blend ???

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