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    Endometriosis is a condition where the tissues found lining the uterus are also found growing in areas outside the uterus. Often women with endometriosis complain of painful menstruation.

    Menstrual flow is dominated by the Vata dosha. Therefore, during menstruation, there is aggravation of Vata dosha resulting in increased pain.

    When present on the ovaries, cysts may enlarge to several cm in size. This stage is dominated by Vata along with Kapha dosha.

    Endometriosis can be correlated to Vatala Yonivyapad. Charaka mentioned the cause and symptoms in the Charaka Samhita Chi 30/22 (classical ayurvedic textbook).

    Nidana (causative factors) is said to be four:

    1. Unwholesome diet and lifestyle are mentioned as a causative factor
    2. Pradustartava (can be linked to hormonal imbalance, IVF treatments, and contraceptive pills ..)
    3. Bija dosha (abnormality of sperm and ovum/ genetic factors)
    4. Daiva (Idiopathic factors/ unknown causes)

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    Ayurveda approaches fertility by treating both the male and female, guiding couples in times of pre-conception, conception, and postpartum.

    During your Ayurvedic consultation, a specialised treatment program, lifestyle changes and herbal recommendations will be provided.

    Ayurveda provides a wealth of knowledge on the transition into Menopause.

    Menopause treatment at Lakshmi Ayurveda will include a holistic approach. Menopause is often a tridoshic imbalance and treatment will include addressing areas such as emotional and mental health, weight gain, and hot flashes; all depending on each client's unique needs.

    Granthi chikitsa is generally adopted when establishing a treatment plan for Adenomyosis. Granthi is a Sanskrit word meaning cyst, swelling, benign growth.

    Another disease mentioned in the classical texts of Ayurveda is called Arbuda. Arbuda is a disease characterised by the growth of a mass.

    Granthi refers to modular or glandular swelling with a hard, knotty and rough appearance. C.Chi 12:83

    Granthi (cyst, swelling, benign growth) Treatment:
    1. Increase the digestive function.
    2. Reduce the muscle, blood and fatty tissue.
    3. The ailment is tridoshic with Vata/Kapha predominance therefore pacifying treatment for Vata and Kapha is adopted.
    4. For reducing Kapha, lekhana treatment is performed. Lekhana is a treatment with a scraping and reducing effect.

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    Primary Amenorrhea is the failure to menstruate during puberty. In Ayurveda, this is called prathamika anartava and is mainly attributed to congenital defects or hypo-pituitarism and hypothyroidism.

    Secondary Amenorrhea– is much more common and is the absence of menses for six months. Problems may arise due to a disorder occurring in the uterine endometrium, the ovaries, the anterior pituitary or the hypothalamus. Amenorrhea can also be a physiological condition for instance during pregnancy, lactation and menopause.

    Causative factors for secondary amenorrhea

    - Food and lifestyle

    - Malnutrition

    - Excessive exercise

    - Repeated intercourse

    - Emotions, frustrations, mental shocks, psycho neurosis

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