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  • Ayurveda and Space Cleaning

    July 28, 2021 2 min read

    Ayurveda and Space Cleaning

    Does your environment feel heavy? Looking to boost your productivity at work or lighten the vibe around your house? Ayurveda teaches that our senses are impacted by our environment. We are taught to implement daily practices that nourish and guide the senses to reach a deeper level of awareness within ✨ From an Ayurvedic point of view, clearing space is one aspect of maintaining the health of an individual.

    Ayurveda speaks about the importance of cleanliness in our space. Called Svasthavritta, maintaining the health of an individual is critical in encouraging longevity. Physical cleanliness is one important lifestyle practice to encourage pure, compassionate, sattvic thoughts and presence. Using scents, light ? music ? and sound are all tools available to explore.

    1. The power of scent and smoke: Palo Santo sticks, sage, camphor and other incense are great at engaging the senses ? See, smell, and watch the smoke with a calm mind. Camphor is used in many traditional Ayurvedic households, as it is said to keep evil energies at bay and offered in worship to the Gods.

    Traditional Australians performed smoking ceremonies for cleansing, Native Americans burned sage and other herbs to restore balance of energies. These smoking practices and more are deeply imbedded in the ancient traditions of communities all around the world.

    2. The power of light: Candles ? ghee lamps, salt lamps - light and fire are said to purify the senses, particularly our ? sight, both inwards and outwards. Bringing these into your environment at work and at home can invoke a lighter energy, one that keeps tamasic, lethargic and stagnant energies away.

    3. The power of sound ? Bells, music, mantra etc. Ancients of all cultures used music and sound to provide deeper healing. We love these Tibetan Bells and Dorje and the deep resonant sound they bring into a space.

    Withdrawing the senses through meditative, spiritual and yogic practices encourage optimal health ?? Used in combination with cleanliness and clearing, we can become more aware of our environment and ourselves - our bodies, mind and spirit.

    What space cleansing practices do you follow? We are curious to hear! We have a number of products available in the shop - from smudge sticks to bells and candles. Online ordering is available through our website, the link to view is in our bio.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!

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