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Celebration of life during Easter.

Easter the celebration of life resurrected and renewed. Ayurveda the science of life. It’s beautiful to contemplate the two together. I love symbolism found in the resurrection of the story of Jesus - relating it to the beginning…

Abhyanga Massage Therapist Training

Today this beautiful group of women finished their Abhyanga Massage Therapist Training What a great 4 days it has been. We can’t wait to see how they incorporate Abhyanga massage into their own practices. The 4 days training included…

Our next workshop details have been finalised!

We hope you can join us on Saturday, May 29th for our Ayurvedic Cold and Flu Season Home Remedies workshop. This workshop is great for anyone interested in experiencing a healthy winter season for both yourself and your family. Great…

Kerala style vegetable stew made in 20 minutes!

This dish is called Isthu in the southern parts of India. It is a cooling recipe and wonderful for the end of summer. The dish can be severed with rice, flat bread and rice noodles. Coconut milk is great to pacify Vata and Pitta…
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Does your body feel weak, stressed and fatigued?

Kelsey has prepared a fresh batch of Ashwagandhadi Lehyam. 
This is a semi solid Ayurvedic preparation rich in taste and nourishing for all the bodily tissues (dhatus). The word Avaleha has been derived from the root word “lihaswadane”in…

Benefits of Curry Leaves

Enjoy the benefits of Organic Curry Leaves! There are multiple benefits to using Curry Leaves. They have anti-inflammatory properties, improve digestive function, protect the liver, are high in antioxidants, and anti-diabetic. They work…
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It’s Pomegranate season here in Perth!

Pomegranates are called Dadima in Sanskrit or Anar in Hindi. The fruit, bark of the fruit and the roots are used in Ayurveda for medicinal purposes. It is rich in levels of Vitamin C, Pectin, Sterols, Alkaloids, and Tannins. It is also…

Ayurveda and Parasites.

The Madhava Nidanam, one of the classical texts of Ayurveda, explains the causes, complications and symptoms of numerous diseases. Chapter 7 explains in detail about internal and external parasites. ‘Krimi’ is the Sanskrit word for parasite…

Ashwagandha is a nightshade!

Did you know Ashwagandha is considered a nightshade? Many are surprised to hear this, as Ashwagandha is one of the most widely used and known herbs in Ayurveda. We spoke about nightshades and how they are avoided in Ayurveda a few…
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