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  • Karpooradi Thailam

    March 03, 2022 1 min read

    Karpooradi Thailam
    One of the items included in our Immunity Kit, Karpooradi Thailam has a number of benefits.

    We spent over a week preparing this homemade oil. The main ingredients are camphor and sesame oil, giving it a smell similar to Tiger Balm. 

    Great for improving circulation, reducing pain, stiffness and cramping of muscles, reduces chest congestion and helps to relieve headaches.

    How to use: simply warm the oil and apply on the affected area. For chest congestion add small amount of salt to the oil and apply on chest. It works wonders

    The oil is available for purchase in the shop and online.

    We wish you a beautiful weekend.

    With love Karin and the Lakshmi team ☀️

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