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  • Pre-conception planning in Ayurveda

    March 03, 2022 2 min read

    Pre-conception planning in Ayurveda
    We have many clients visit the clinic for fertility treatment

    Ayurveda offers a unique approach to preparing for conception. Are you looking to conceive, planning future conception or know someone interested? Check out the information below to learn how Ayurveda can support your conception journey.


    Without properly functioning Vata, conception is not possible. This is why a Vata balancing diet and lifestyle are essential for the couple 

    The first step to conception includes speaking with an Ayurvedic practitioner to put together a program to fit your individual needs.

    Ayurvedic Diet for Conception.

    - Vata pacifying diet.

    - Maintain strong digestive fire (agni) 

     and ojas.

    - Ojas increasing foods (as long as the digestive fire is strong) such as ghee, milk 

     dates, honey 

    Ayurvedic Herbs for Conception.

    - Pre pregnancy herbs such as Ashwagandha and Shatavari. To be discussed with your practitioner.

    Ayurvedic Treatment for Conception.

    - For the act of conceiving, Ayurveda advises the the best position for conceiving is with the women lying on her back.

    - Purification of the body for both the male and female is important in conception. Basti (herbal enema) treatment can be highly beneficial. The classical text Astanga Samgraha states that Basti is like nectar for the woman who would like to conceive!

    - Panchakarma purification aims to enhance the following four factors:

     1. Rtu – regular menstrual cycle. The fertile period is governed by Kapha (ovulation) 

     2. Beeja – Shukra and Arthava, healthy sperm and ovum.

     3. Ksheetra – healthy Yoni, female reproductive system.

     4. Ambu – sufficient and unobstructed blood circulation to receive proper nutrients present in the form of rasa.

    - Herbal Sitz bath 

    - Body treatments such as Abhyanga oil massage and Shirodhara.

    Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Conception.

    - Daily routine, affirmation, spiritual practice 

    - Mental preparation for the couple.

    - Physical and emotional cleansing practices. Make sure your space is clean and sattvic.

    Please be advised that the following information is general in nature - it is always best to speak with your practitioner to confirm the suggestions are correct for you.

    Fertility consultations are available via the link in our bio

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