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  • Detox and Cleansing program options for 2021

    January 08, 2021 1 min read

    Detox and Cleansing program options for 2021
    If you are on a limited budget or have time constraints, we have detox and cleansing programs available for you. A gentle cleanse is a great way to start the New Year!

    Your detox program would start with a consultation with one of our practitioners. Ayurvedic herbs ? diet and treatments will be suggested for you, depending on your unique needs.

    Weight loss: In addition to lifestyle, diet and herbal recommendations, weight loss treatments will be suggested for you. These may include Udvarthanam powder massage, Shirodhara, Virechana, Basti and Nasya treatment. We will speak about your budget and plan your treatment accordingly.
Rejuvenation: If you feel run-down, depleted, suffer from Chronic Fatigue, experience high levels of anxiety and stress then Rasayana treatment may be suitable for you.
    At home Ayurvedic detox: Instructions will be provided for you to perform a gentle Ayurvedic cleanse at home. This would include dietary and herbal recommendations as well as at home massage treatment.

    If you are interested in booking in to speak about the detox and cleansing programs, you’re welcome to call/text us at 0406 810 547 or email
    We wish you a great last day of 2020!

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