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  • Rasayana Treatment

    January 08, 2021 1 min read

    Rasayana Treatment
    You may have heard of Panchakarma, but have you heard of Rasayana treatment?

    Rasayana is the ultimate rejuvenation treatment. We are now preparing for a client to start their 2 week Rasayana program at Lakshmi Ayurveda.
    Rasayana is often used after after the body has undergone depletion. Rasayana treatment increases Ojas and nourishes the Rasa Dhatu, in effect nourishing all of the bodily tissues ✨ What is Ojas? Ojas is the essence of the seven dhatus, the bodily tissues. It is responsible for strength, vitality and immunity against disease.

    If you feel run-down, depleted, suffer from Chronic Fatigue, have undergone chemotherapy, experience high levels of anxiety and stress then Rasayana treatment may be suitable for you.

    Our client started their Rasayana program with a consultation to discuss their current state of health and medical history. Rejuvenating herbs and formulations were prescribed based on their unique constitution and state of imbalance. Nourishing foods and guidelines were provided to help support the building of immunity. Next a variety of treatments geared towards deeply nourishing the dhatus and promoting the building of Ojas within the body are suggested.

    If you are interested in undergoing a Panchakarma or Rasayana program, you are welcome to message us or email for further information. Alternatively you can visit our website and click the drop down option under ‘Panchakarma’ for ‘Rasayana’.

    Wishing you a beautiful ☀️ Sunday!

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