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  • The Benefits of Shilajit

    September 22, 2020 2 min read

    The Benefits of Shilajit

    A powerful Rejuvenation (Rasayana) - The destroyer of weakness ???

    Have you heard of Shilajt (Shilajatu, Shilajeet) before. ?

    Shilajjt literally means “destroyer of weakness” and is the natural exudate from the rocks in the Himalayas. Its high mineral content oozes out of the rock in the heat of summer?. It contains minerals in ionic form, fulvic and humic acids and is shown to have adaptogenic properties.

    The Ayurvedic text took Sushruta Samhita states “a gelatinous substance that is secreted from the side of the mountains ⛰ when they have become heated by the rays of the sun in the months of May - July.
    Its Ayurvedic properties are:

    Rasa (taste)- pungent and bitter, salty and astringent

    Virya (energy) - heating

    Vipaka (post digestive taste) - pungent

    It balances all the three doshas but is pitta aggravating when used in excess.

    It nourishes and strengthens all our seven bodily tissues (dhatus). To read more about the dhatus see the link below.

    Its Ayurvedic Action are:

    Rasayana - Rejuvenation

    Vajikarana - enhances sexual potency, fertility, virility, increases testosterone level, increases sperm count (see link for the study below)

    Medohara - good for weight control

    Sandhaniya - helpful in healing broken bones

    Increases Ojas
    Other main indication are

    1. Diabetes

    2. Iron deficiency

    3. Anti ageing

    4. Promotes intellect, some research shows that it may prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimers

    5. Chronic fatigue. CFS has been associated with mitochondrial dysfunction. This occurs when your cells don’t produce enough energy. Based on these results, naturally boosting your body’s mitochondrial function with shilajit supplements may help improve energy levels.

    6. Used to treat arthritic conditions especially in rheumatoid arthritis (amavata) and Osteoarthritis (sandhigata Vata).
    Shilajit is best taken in hot milk ?

    Shilajit should not be used without a prescription from an Ayurvedic Practitioner.

    Charaka Samhita (Ayurvedic author) sates that there are four types characterised from the type of mountainous rocks from which it exudes (gold, silver, copper and black iron). The Shilajit from the last type is the best.

    Gout, high uric acid levels, low blood sugar, high iron levels (hemachromatosis) and for anyone who is eating excess hot, spicy food and has alcohol intake.

    The intake of Kulattha (horse gram) should also be avoided.
    Shilajit needs to be purified prior, this is a complex procedure mentioned in the Sarngadhara Samhita and Charaka Samhita CS. Ci. 1:51-55

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    Charaka Samhita

    There is no curable disease in the universe which is not effectively cured by Shilajatu when administering at the appropriate time, in combination with suitable drugs and bey adopting the prescribed method. When administered to a healthy person it produces immense energy.

    CS. Ci. 1:62-65