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  • Dosha and Personality. PITTA.

    May 03, 2022 1 min read

    Dosha and Personality. PITTA.
    Yesterday we discussed Vata personalities, today we will dive into Pitta. Do you know anyone who seems to be firing on all cylinders with an abundance of energy? The person who is able to multitask and finish projects? The perfectionist? Chances are this person will have Pitta Dosha in their constitution.


      • When in balance Pitta individuals are caring and considerate of others and pay attention to their loved ones

      • When out of balance Pitta may experience anger, aggression and frustration

    • Like to be in control of situations.


      • Tend to be more extraverted in nature.

      • More likely to be in busy social scenes.

      • Competitive! Want to be the best employee, athlete and student


      • Strong, medium build.

      • Compact muscles.

      • Sharp eyes and features.

      • Can be prone to skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, oily skin and hair.


      • Usually academic in nature

      • Strong athletic abilities 

    How to Keep Pitta Balanced?

      • Foods more cooling in nature to balance the natural heat within their constitution

      • Lifestyle: following a routine and allowing for down time to refrain from burnout

      • Herbs and treatment: herbs that balance the excessive heat in the body. Amalaki and Guduchi are two herbs that are great for Pitta Dosha!

    It is important that you speak with a practitioner to understand if these qualities are due to an imbalance or natural tendencies. Who is the ‘Pitta’ in your life?