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  • Dosha and Personality. VATA.

    May 03, 2022 2 min read

    Dosha and Personality. VATA.
    You’ve most likely heard about the doshas - Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each of the doshas are made up of the elements ether, air fire water and earth ⛰

    Vata predominately consists of the elements space and air. Taking into consideration the qualities of the elements, can you guess characteristics of a Vata personality? Read below to discover more about typical Vata personality tendencies.


      • Can be forgetful. Quick to grasp information but quick to forget

      • Distracted. May have trouble staying focused✏️

      • When in balance they tend to be full of enthusiasm and energy. Out of balance they may experience changing moods, anxiety and feelings of being ungrounded.


      • Fluctuating. Full of energy and the life of the party at one moment and completely exhausted the next.

      • May be the one that is constantly late to the party, work or other events ⏰


      • Tend to be more slim in nature.

      • Either quite tall or short.

      • Tend to have long arms and legs.

      • Can have dry hair and skin.

    Talents ✍

      • Creatives. Often strong creative abilities in art, writing and music

    How to keep Vata Balanced?

      • Foods: plenty of grounding nourishing foods, ghee, milk, root vegetables, cooked foods, foods with a warming nature.

      • Lifestyle: ROUTINE. Vata personalities will least favour following a routine, but it is sooo important for them to maintain vitality.

      • Herbs and Treatments: Oil, oil and more grounding oils. Gentle exercise, music and allowing time for creativity


    As always, its best to speak with your Ayurvedic practitioner about the best balancing practices for you. Often times there are other doshic imbalances at play which also need to be addressed. After learning this, who may fit the ‘Vata’ personality in your life? ✨

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