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  • Dosha and Personality. KAPHA.

    May 03, 2022 1 min read

    Dosha and Personality. KAPHA.
    Now we will discuss the kind Kapha personality. The huggable, loveable friend. The calm and compassionate listener. Kapha Dosha consists primarily of the element of water  and earth ⛰ The grounding presence. Can you think of ‘Kapha’ in your life?


      • Out of balance: prone to depressive feelings

      • In balance: feeling positive and relaxed


      • May have many friends because of their kindness

      • Consistent friend with great listening skills.

      • Out of balance they may be possessive.


      • Strong endurance when in balance. When out of balance may be more prone to sinus problems

      • May have a larger body frame.

      • Thick hair, eyelashes, beautiful features.

      • Out of balance may experience weight gain and fluid retention.

    Talents ✨

      • Emotionally aware. Make great carers and nurses

      • Strong long-term memory and reliable. Supportive roles.

      • Physically resilient.

    How to Keep Kapha Balanced?

      • Foods: combat the natural heavy qualities of Kapha Dosha with more light foods

      • Lifestyle: more stimulation, regular exercise 

      • Herbs and treatment: making sure to keep the digestive fire strong! Kapha individuals are more prone to mandagni, which is a slow digestive function. This makes them prone to easy weight gain.

    Who is the ‘Kapha’ in your life?

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