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  • Changing of Seasons - Welcome Autumn!

    March 07, 2019 1 min read

    Changing of the Seasons – Welcome Autumn!

    As the season of Autumn settles upon us, the qualities of Vata dryness and roughness, cold, subtlety and mobility increase. Therefore, we need to incorporate more nourishing, warming, stable, and routine activities in our lives.

    Routine is particularly important for balancing the doshas, especially individuals with more Vata in their constitution or those experiencing a Vata imbalance. We advise following these guidelines:

    • Establish a consistent time to wake up, exercise, eat meals and go to bed. This helps to calm the nervous system, which is important during the Autumn season.
    • Perform a daily oil massage with warm black seed sesame oil.
    • Practice 10 minutes of silent meditation in the morning to calm the mind.
    • Keep the body moving by practicing grounding yoga postures.

    Favour foods that are nourishing, moist and grounding. Warming spices and freshly cooked food will help keep the agni strong and digestion regular. Use oil and ghee and favour sweet, sour and salty tastes, which balance the Vata dosha. Refrain from eating raw, cold and light food.

    It is always best to consult with an Ayurvedic physician before taking herbs. However, these herbs are generally recommended to promote stability during the Vata season.

    Our EBook offers extended information about routine, yoga, pranayama, and recipes great for the Autumn season. It is available on our online shop.

    You are welcome to email us at to call 0406 810 547 with any questions regarding improving your Autumn seasonal routine. Keep warm, nourish your mind and your body, and set your daily routine.

    Have a beautiful day, with love from your Lakshmi Team.