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  • Actions to Avoid Immediately After Eating

    March 09, 2019 1 min read

    Actions to Avoid Immediately After Eating
    According to the Ayurved Samhita, all people, whether healthy or sick, should avoid the following immediately after eating a meal:

    1. Speaking
    2. Walking long distances
    3. Sleeping
    4. Sun exposure
    5. Traveling in vehicles
    6. Swimming
    7. Riding on animals (in ancient India this could have been an Elephant)
    8. Singing
    9. Drinking

    But for what length of time should we follow these guidelines? 

    According to Sushruta Samhita the above rules should be observed for a Muhurta (period of 48 minutes) after having food. 

    How can we interpret these rules in the current age? 

    1. Avoid excess conversation while eating. Be mindful on how your food tastes and the mechanisms of your chewing. Avoid using digital devices during your meal.
    2. Avoid exercise after eating. Wait at least 1.5 hours after a main meal.
    3. Don’t have an afternoon sleep after your lunch or lie on the sofa immediately after your dinner.
    4. Avoid going to the beach after your meal. Eat in the shade and wait for a while before returning in the sun.
    5. Riding on animals: we can relate this point to avoiding long travels in the car after eating. Lucky our roads are not as bumpy as the ancient roads of India. However, the speed of the car or motorbike can be Vata aggravating, which in turn would disturb the digestion.
    6. Refrain from swimming after eating. Avoid a hot bath just after eating.
    7. Avoid drinking, as excess water will further dilute the food and slow down the digestion.

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