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  • Lepana Treatment

    Treatment Duration: 45 minutes.

    Lepana is an authentic Ayurvedic treatment used to treat bursitis, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis and more. It is a treatment where a warm herbal paste is applied on the affected areas followed by a bandage.

    A fine powder of Ayurvedic Herbs are made into a paste mixed with a warm oil, amla dravya and saindhava/ rock salt. The warm paste is applied (after an oil application) over the affected area, the paste is then covered with Vatahara leaves such as Nirgundi and Eranda patra (Castor oil leaves, seen in the picture).

    The area is then bandaged and left for about 25 minutes before it is removed. Prior to the application of the paste a massage to the area and localised steam is performed.

    The medicinal paste reduces the swelling and pain and improves the blood circulation of the area.