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  • Kansa Wand facial Treatment

    Treatment Duration: 60 minutes.

    Thoughts and emotions can lock into the expressions on our face. The Aurvedic facial not only makes your skin glow, it helps to melt away tension.

    An Ayurvedic facial treatment will give you the opportunity to experience the wonder of Kansa wand – The rejuvenated Indian Healing metal.

    We only use natural Ayurvedic herbs and products, specifically tailored to your needs.

    So much more than just a facial treatment, our Ayurvedic facial includes:

    • Cleansing wash and exfoliation
    • Face massage with a beautiful Ayurvedic oil, such as Kumkumadi/Safforn oil or an oil suitable for your skin type
    • Kansa wand massage
    • followed by a herbal steam – during this time your arms will be oleated
    • Ayurvedic face mask with powdered herbs, honey and milk
    • Application of a serum, depending on your skin type
    • Finishing up with applying a beautiful Kajal (ghee & natural pigments) to your eyebrows and also some lip moisture to your lips.

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