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  • Which state of digestive fire is linked to Kapha dosha?

    September 15, 2021 1 min read

    Which state of digestive fire is linked to Kapha dosha?
    We have written about how important it is to keep your agni, digestive fire, strong. This helps us to maintain immunity, strength, vigour and enthusiasm for life. When our agni is consistently low this can lead to Manda agni. We have been posting about Kapha dosha this week and Mandagni is most related to Kapha.

    Mandagni symptoms include a lack of appetite, heaviness, slow and lethargic tendencies, slow and heavy elimination and can manifest in the mind as depressive feelings.

    Continuation of Manda agni can lead to the formation of digestive toxins, AMA ❌

    Kapha tea ☕️ is a great addition to your daily routine to encourage keeping your agni strong. Trikatu is a formulation great for Kapha dosha made of black pepper, pippali and ginger. Taking Trikatu can help keep the fire burning.

    Spring is Kapha time of the year and you may notice yourself feeling a bit heavy in the stomach. If so, setting up a consultation with one of our practitioners will help to align your diet, lifestyle and Ayurvedic herbs to move from Manda agni to sama agni, which is an optimal healthy digestive fire.

    Online booking available via the link in our bio ✨

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