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  • PITTA DOSHA पित्त

    September 15, 2021 2 min read

    PITTA DOSHA पित्त
    PITTA DOSHA पित्त

    Last week we spoke more about the moveable Vata Dosha, this week we will discuss the transformational Pitta Dosha.

    Pitta Dosha is made up of Teja (fire) and Jala (water) elements.

    Some of the qualities of Pitta dosha include hot, sharp and penetrating, slightly oily, fast, irritable and liquid. How can you see these qualities within yourself? Below are ways in which you may see aspects of the Pitta Dosha within your physical and mental constitution.

    Pitta Dosha is known for being hot in quality, called Ushna in Sanskrit. How can you see heat within the body? Perhaps through inflammation, red skin, flare-ups, diahorrea, etc. This can be shown in the mind by being prone to irritability, frustration and anger. Increased Pitta can also lead to hair loss and early greying of hair.

    The sharp and penetrating quality of Pitta is known as Tikshna in Sanskrit. These people often have more sharp features such as the eyes and nose. The sharp quality can also be seen through intelligence and intellectual abilities, a strong characteristic of Pitta predominant individuals. Pitta Dosha can make great leaders.

    Pitta is known for having a quality of Snigdha, unctuousness. This means their skin tends to have a more oily nature. They are also less likely to be constipated, as the unctuous quality keeps internal lubrication strong and have at least one bowel movement a day. You may know a Pitta dominant personality with a strong hunger and thirst.

    Visra means ‘bad smell’ in Sanskrit and can result in excess sweating from the body. The sweating is often accompanied by a foul smell, often sour in nature.

    If you are feeling these symptoms it would be great to consider a seasonal detox program. As the weather gets warmer ☀️ and transitions into summer it will be important to bring the Pitta dosha into balance prior to the raise in temperature.

    The best place to start is to contact us to book in for an initial consultation with one of our practitioners. You are welcome to book via our website or call 0406 810 547. The practitioner will then suggest an appropriate detox program for you.

    Wishing you a great Thursday!

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