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  • Fibromyalgia and Ayurveda.

    June 14, 2021 2 min read

    Fibromyalgia and Ayurveda.

    An ailment primarily due to Vata (vata vyadhi वात व्यधि) in Sanskrit.

    Fibromyalgia is commonly known for its intensity of pain in the muscles, bones and joints. From a western perspective, Fibromyalgia is said to impact the nervous system and there is no said cure to the chronic condition. There actually is not an official diagnostic tool and exam to diagnose the condition - this is assessed by a doctor.

    Fibromyalgia can often be misdiagnosed for rheumatic conditions as well as other inflammatory disorders. Often it is diagnosed when there is no set diagnosis despite obvious symptomatic painful expression in the body.

    From an Ayurvedic perspective, we would take into consideration the Nidana panchaka when assessing the condition for each client. Looking deeper at the root cause of the condition, we understand that Vata dosha would be the primary impacted. This would mean it is primarily a Vata vyadhi- a disease caused by vitiated Vata dosha. This creates a hypersensitivity within the nervous system and both localised and general pain in the body.

    Nidana: Causative factors. Vitiated doshas. Through improper diet, lifestyle, trauma and stress, Vata dosha can become vitiated, causing a deep imbalance within the nervous system.

    Purvarupa: premonitory symptoms of the condition. Pain in the body, depression, sleeping disorder, fatigue and digestive disorders.

    Rupa: Symptoms and signs of a condition. Prolonged symptoms mentioned above.

    Upashaya: factors which aggravate or improve the condition. Trial. Treating with heat. Does this cause any inflammatory reaction?

    Samprapti: How a condition or disease forms. Pathogenesis. Dependent on the client.

    Ayurvedic detoxification through Panchakarma is recommended for the client. Treatment would include Svedana, sudation therapy through steam, abhyanga oil massage, Pinda Sveda, enema basti and more. Additional Rasayana treatment is necessary to rejuvenate the body after cleansing procedures are performed, as the disorder is related to a deep Vata imbalance within the body. Ojas increasing foods, treatments and herbs will help support the building of immunity in the body and promote a deeper sense of stability.

    Following an Ayurvedic diet by refraining from nightshades, eating at regular mealtimes, promoting more sattvic foods in the diet, limiting garlic and onion. Other recommendations will be individualised and suggested based on consultation with the practitioner.

    If you or a loved one suffers from Fibromyalgia, you’re welcome to contact the clinic to speak with one of our practitioners. Links to our online booking system and contact details are in our bio.

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