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  • Can you identify those 5 items?

    June 14, 2021 1 min read

    Can you identify those 5 items?

    They are called the panca gavya पञ्चगव्य

    The panca gavya are the five products originating from the cow. They include

    1. Dadhi - Curd

    2. Ksheera - cows milk

    3. Ghrita - cows ghee

    4. Gomutra - cows urine

    5. Gomaya- cow dung

    These products from the cow are described in Ayurvedic medicine and are used in Vedic traditions for ceremonies.

    The cow gives and gives without asking for return let’s be more like cows ❤️ ?

    Chakradatta (a classical Ayurvedic text) mentioned a formulation called Pancagavya ghrita which is indicated in depression and epilepsy. There is currently a lot of research looking into the anti cancer benefits of panca gavya.

    I love cows ? ? ? ? growing up on a farm I remember feeding them and having my hands licked by the calf’s. The milk we drank in the morning was still warm. I do well remember the strong flavour ?? but a big scoop of Nesquik chocolate took care of this.

    I continued feeding cows throughout India ❤️??

    With love Karin and the Lakshmi team

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