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  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption

    December 21, 2021 2 min read

    Excessive Alcohol Consumption
    The classical texts of Ayurveda describe both the benefits and harmful impact of alcohol consumption. Learn the balanced and appropriate means of alcohol consumption from an Ayurvedic viewpoint.

    The Charaka Samhita has mentioned the Ayurvedic treatment of Alcoholism in the Chikitsa Sthana chapter 24.

    Alcohol has the opposite qualities of Ojas. Ojas is responsible for consciousness, purity in thoughts, health, positivity, immunity, longevity, intelligence and memory ✨ It is important to look after our Ojas.

    The 10 qualities of Ojas are similar to those of milk and ghee. They are opposite to Madya (alcohol) and Visha (poison). This clearly shows clearly that alcohol and toxic substances (chemicals/ recreational drugs) will diminish our Ojas and can have severe consequences for our health ❌

    When Alcohol = Ambrosia ✅

    If taken in an appropriate manner, in a right dose, at an appropriate time, along with wholesome food in accordance with ones own strength and with a cheerful mind, alcohol works like ambrosia. If alcohol is taken in the appropriate it gives happiness, energy, nourishment, good health and virility.

    When Alchohol = Poison ❌

    Charaka then states if a person drinks whichever type of alcohol is available without thinking of its appropriateness, and in excess quantity, and if the body is dry and exhausted by physical exercise than it works as a poison.

    Affects of Alcohol if taken in excess:

      1. Alcohol should not be consumed in excess heat as it has Pitta increasing qualities

      1. If a person with predominant in Rajas qualities consumes Alcohol this can lead to fear, delusion and anger.

      1. Decreases Ojas (vital essence) and Sattva (purity of the mind).

      1. Alcohol has an effect on the mind and should be avoided if you are on a path to attain moksha

      1. It should be avoided in a person with a dryness, feeling of tiredness or just after exercise

    Charaka states three stages of alcoholic intoxication. In the third stage the person becomes inactive like a broken tree. Though the person is alive he resembles a dead person, he becomes incapable of recognising things and friends.  He looses the sense of distinction of rightful, happy and useful items from the wrong, miserable and harmful ones respectively.

    Wishing you a happy and healthy festive season 

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