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  • Conscious Conception - Pregnancy Planning with Ayurveda

    April 19, 2021 2 min read

    Conscious Conception - Pregnancy Planning with Ayurveda

    We have more and more couples undergoing Ayurvedic fertility programmes at the clinic. Ayurvedic wisdom clearly lays out a pregnancy ?? regime for couples to follow prior to conception and pre-conception care is rich in knowledge ? I would very much recommend it to everyone planning a pregnancy.

    The first step includes purification of the body for both male and female. Basti (herbal enema) treatment can be highly beneficial. The classical text Astanga Samgraha states that Basti is like nectar for the woman who would like to conceive.

    Purification treatment through Panchakarma aims to enhance the quality of the following four factors:

    1. Rtu - regular menstrual cycle. The fertile period is governed by Kapha (ovulation).

    2. Beeja - Shukra and Arthava, healthy sperm and ovum.

    3. Ksheetra - healthy Yoni, female reproductive system.

    4. Ambu - sufficient and unobstructed blood circulation to receive proper nutrients present in the form of rasa.

    Alongside these factors there should be mental clarity and a peaceful mind, normalcy of hridaya/ heart ♥️(seat of ojas and consciousness) and well balanced Vayu.

    These factors are needed for optimal conception. Without properly functioning Vata, conception is not possible. This is why Vata balancing diet and lifestyle are essential for the couple.

    Additional Ayurvedic tips for conception:

    1. Daily affirmation, spirituality, Mental preparation for the couple.

    2. Implement daily routine (Dinacharya).

    3. Good nutritious food suited for you (Ahara).

    4. Physical and emotional cleansing practices. Living in a clean and sattvic environment.

    5. Herbal Sitz bath with Ashoka.

    6. Body treatments such as Abhyanga oil massage and Shirodhara.

    7. Suitable lifestyle, implementing yoga, meditation, music, chanting - Avoid stress (Vihara).

    8. Maintain strong digestive fire (agni) and ojas.

    9. Pre pregnancy herbs such as Ashwagandha and Shatavari.

    10. The act itself, Ayurveda advises the the best position for conceiving is with the women lying on her back.

    Below is a testimonial from a client from a few years back. My heart was filled with joy when I received this email - it was from a lady having completed a classical panchakarma program at the clinic.

    “Dear Karin,

    It is so nice to hear from you and to learn that you are expanding and more people will be able to enjoy your wonderful treatments.

    I also have some news for you – I am 12 week pregnant and the baby is due in September. Actually, I got pregnant immediately after I finished panchakarma so thanks a lot to you and your team. I hope to see you again as soon as I am ready for my next panchakarma (not for the next baby but just for my personal health and well-being)

    With best wishes.”

    Oh the wisdom of Ayurveda! If you would like to find out more about conscious conception please contact us, our details are in the bio 

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