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  • Smell, incense and the earth element

    June 07, 2022 1 min read

    Smell, incense and the earth element
    Have you noticed how strongly you are impacted by the smells surrounding you? The bliss from pausing and smelling a fresh rose or the repulsion that comes from smelling rotten trash. So strong in that moment of experience.

    Gandha is the Sanskrit word for smell or a fragrance

    Smell is linked to the earth element, Pritvi ⛰ Earth element helps provide us with a sense of stability and of being grounded. If there is a condition where smell is impacted, this will usually suggest an imbalance of the earth element in the body.

    Incense and scents have been used since ancient times to invoke a state of presence. The other uses vary depending on the perspectives of all cultures, but we can see they are usually connected with connecting with spiritual practices

    Camphor, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, sage and many many others. What are your favourite scents?

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    P.S. ‼️ It is important to make sure your incense are all natural, with no additives and chemical products.

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