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  • Pre Conception Care in Ayurveda

    March 19, 2017 2 min read

    Ayurveda in perth

    Ayurveda describes a regime to follow by the couple before pregnancy.

    The first step towards a successful conception is the purification of the body (for male and female)

    Panchakarma (purification treatment) aims to enhance the quality of the following 4 factors.

      1. Rtu (regular menstrual cycle)

      1. Beeja (Shukra and Arthava - healthy sperm and ovum)

      1. Ksheetra (healthy endometrial thickness)

      1. Ambu (sufficient and unobstructed blood circulation)

    These factors are needed for conception. The Vedas contain very detailed description of the process to help and produce a healthy child.

    This is a verse from the classical Ayurvedic text - Susruta Samhita Sarirasthana

    Dhruvan caturnam sannidhyat
    garbhah syat vidhi-purvakam
    rtukestrambu -bijanam
    samagryat ankuro yatha

    In the process of bringing about a healthy crop, it is important that the season is appropriate, the soil be cured, the provision of water be optimum and the seed be of high quality.
    Similarly, for conception it is important that the season and occasion be suitable, the woman and her womb be free of illness, the availability of nutrition for development of the foetus be optimum and the seed (sperm and ovum) be healthy and potent.

    The Ayurvedic pre conception care is so rich in knowledge that I would very much recommend this to everyone planning a pregnancy. Not everyone has the opportunity to do a Panchakarma programme but there is so much else we can do. Such as following a suitable diet, dinacharya (daily routine), rtucharya (seasonal routine), ayurvedic medicines, yoga, ayurvedic body treatments (abhyanga, shirodhara ...)

    My heart was filled with joy when I have just received this email so I wanted to share this with you.
    The email is from a lady who has done a classical panchakarma in December 2016.
    Dear Karin,
    It is so nice to hear from you and to learn that you are expanding and more people will be able to enjoy your wonderful treatments.
    I also have some news for you - I am 12 week regnant and the baby is due in September. Actually, I got pregnant immediately after I finished panchakarma so thanks a lot to you and your team. I hope to see you again as soon as I am ready for my next panchakarma (not for the next baby but just for my personal health and well-being :))
    With best wishes,

    With warm regards from Karin Lakshmi Ayurveda