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  • Music and Mantra Therapy in Ayurveda

    July 18, 2020 2 min read

    Music and Mantra Therapy in Ayurveda

    Ayurveda speaks about the importance of sound, vibration and music ? in our healing. Not only does suitable music and mantra help to relieve stress, it can have a therapeutic impact on our nervous system.

    Called Raga Chikitsa, ancient texts spoke about benefits that playing ragas had on our physical, mental and spiritual health. From both Hindustani and Carnatic tradition, the music is meant to purify our body and mind and bring increased awareness.

    As we learn ragas and mantras, we often become aware of the reoccurring thoughts and phrases - perhaps negative self-talk, criticizing ourselves or others. These thoughts can be rooted in our subconscious. Using music and mantra can help to deeply reach our subconscious and purify these thought patterns.

    Both Kelsey and Karin have been learning Indian instruments - Karin the Veena and Kelsey the Harmonium. Kelsey has been learning the Mayamalavagowla Raga and Kalyani Raga. In short, her teacher speaks of the significance of Mayamalavagowla relating to peace and the Kalyani raga to joy and happiness. It is even said that playing the Mayamlavagowla early in the morning can help neutralize toxins in the body when played with complete devotion. Kalyani raga is known to be the queen of Ragas. It is known to improve confidence and dispel darkness created by fear. This is just the basic meaning of both ragas and their significance is deeply rooted in the music.

    If you are interested in learning more about mantra or music, you are welcome to email us at The Beaconsfield Sivananda Ashram offers weekly Kirtan chanting for those interested in experiencing Bhakti yoga with the devotional singing of mantras. It is a wonderful experience for those of you who haven’t been!