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  • Is Coffee Suitable for Me?

    July 30, 2020 2 min read

    Is Coffee Suitable for Me?

    We often have clients come into the clinic fearing the suggestion to remove coffee from their morning routine. Breaking the routine seems impossible. Good news is that we have options for coffee-lovers.

    We live in a Rajasic world, full of excess stimulation and distractions. Rajas governs movement and activity. When rajas is in excess it can result in feelings of restlessness, anxiety, over-activity, rapid thoughts, lack of concentration etc.

    Black coffee has qualities of hot and light with a bitter and astringent taste - all qualities that can increase rajas. Rajasic mind and environment + Rajasic coffee = stress on the nervous system.

    So, who can drink coffee?

    Generally, those with a Kapha constitution are more likely to benefit from black coffee. Kapha individuals may be more prone to sluggishness, weight gain, feeling slow and dull in the morning. However, because of these qualities it is more likely to create a dependency on coffee. Therefore we suggest increasing activities like having a brisk walk, body brushing and morning yoga before drinking coffee. This will give the body the chance to wake up naturally before having a stimulant.

    The qualities of coffee mentioned above can easily create an imbalance for both Pitta and Vata constitutions. In general, we suggest one coffee a day maximum despite a persons constitution. Any more than one can create long-term health conditions.

    Coffee stimulates the agni, which is great for enhancing Kapha type digestion. Although it is very important not to become dependent on coffee to have a bowel movement. Warm water should always be had in the morning before coffee to help support the adrenals.

    If the routine is what drives you in drinking coffee, try substituting decaf coffee. Find one you really enjoy. Although there is still a slight amount of caffeine, it would have slightly less of an impact on the nervous system. Also, if a Pitta or Vata individual refuses to give up coffee, we suggest having it with a bit of milk or plant based milk to add in more sweet and calming qualities.

    We enjoy dandelion root tea, which has a bitter taste and coffee drinkers often enjoy it as a substitute. Rajas Cup is a name of a substitute that our clients really enjoy.

    It is of upmost importance to have a daily routine in place to help calm the mind while promoting more sattvic activities in your life. Yoga, meditation, pranayama, walks in nature, learning gentle music, etc can be very sattvic in nature. When we feel more at ease in our minds, less rajasic, we are able to feel when coffee is suitable and when it should be avoided.

    We suggest checking with your Ayurvedic practitioner on whether coffee is suitable for you. They will be able to suggest alternatives most suitable.

    We hope you have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful sunshine!