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  • Colour is called varna in Sanskrit

    July 18, 2020 2 min read

    Colour is called varna in Sanskrit

    Today and I had a wonderful day with my daughter Lily playing with colours.
    Colour is called varna in Sanskrit.

    Colours can have such a powerful effect on our moods, they can energise, inspire, calm and heal or the opposite if not used correctly.
    Colours are due to the reflection of light rays of various frequencies, which are particles vibrating at a certain speed.
    Seven main colours of the rainbow are primarily visible in the sunlight ?

    The 7 colours of the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Every colour has a different wavelength and frequency. ???

    These colours promote balance and healing in the body and mind.

    Colours can have a sattic, rajas and tamasic effect on the mind.

    Sattvic: brings joy, harmony and serenity such as white, yellow, gold, violet and blue ???

    Rajasic: brings energy and movement such as orange and red ?❤️

    Tamasic: shades bring inertia, congestion and slowness. They are dull, dark and muddy such as brown, black and grey. ??

    ?Red: raises blood temperature and stimulates circulation, it can aggravate pitta

    ?Blue: soothing, useful for inflammatory conditions, beneficial for anxiety, balances Pitta

    ?Yellow: used to aid in digestion and liver function, great for balancing Vata

    ?Green: creates balance and harmony

    ?Orange: associated with kidneys, urinary tract and reproductive system

    ?Violet; highest frequency colour, colour of the third eye to crown. It brings peace, is calming and helps in spiritual growth.

    Is colour important to you?

    We would love to know your favourite colour.

    I do love them all but I am definitely drawn towards a pastel yellow, baby pink and violet. Hmmh? I also like green and blue but definitely not black.

    Colours can be given via coloured lights, clothing, gems, food, water as well through the general environment.


    We wish you a colourful day.


    With love from Lakshmi Ayurveda