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  • Iremada (Acacia farnesiana) for bleeding gums

    February 11, 2020 1 min read

    Iremada (Acacia farnesiana) for bleeding gums
    Do you suffer from bleeding gums, mouth ulcers or dental diseases?

    Iremada (Acacia farnesiana) might be very beneficial for you!

    You can see this shrub very commonly in Australia and it is considers a pest in some parts of Australia. In Ayurveda it is used for its medicinal properties.Interestingly it has been reported by Juluwarlu Group Aboriginal Corporation that indigenous people of the Pilbara used this species for a variety of medicinal purposes such as a cough remedy, cleaning of wounds and the spikes are poked into a wart to make it disappear.

    Iremada is one of the varieties of Acacia (Acacia farnesiana).
    It is well known for its bright golden ball -flowers. The flowers are strongly perfumed it is grown commercially in Europe for use in perfumes. An essential oil Cassie is distilled from the flowers.

    Iremada uses:
    - A decoction made out of the bark and ginger is an astringent and is very useful for bleeding gums.
    - it improves the taste perception
    - Iremada taila is a very popular ayurvedic oil and considered one of the best remedy for dental disease.
    - Massage the gums with the oil it helps to control infections, strengthen the gums. 

    The Ayurvedic properties are
    Taste: bitter and astringent
    Potency: cold
    Post digestive effect: heating
    Dosha: Alleviates Kapha and Pitta
    Actions: Haemostatic, anti dermatosis

    Kahdiradi Vati is an Ayurvedic formulation containing Iremadi. The tablet is kept in the mouth and sucked slowly this is to treat oral ulcers, bad breath and cough.

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    With Love your Lakshmi Team xx

    Charaka, Vagbhata and Mahadava Nidana metioned Iremadi in Mukhadantaroga other indications are krimi, kustha, vranaropaka , vista, kasa, prameha and shotha.

    Irmedah kasayosno mukhadantagadasrunut|
    Hanthi kanduvishaslesmakrimikustagrahavranan||
    Ma. Ni