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  • Dry powder massage anyone?

    May 21, 2021 1 min read

    Dry powder massage anyone?

    Feeling sluggish, experiencing excess water retention and weight gain? Looking for a treatment to soften your skin ✨ and invigorate your body? If yes this treatment may be suitable for you!

    It’s called Udvarthanam and is known for its numerous medicinal and physical benefits, including beauty and complexion ??‍♀️ enhancement.

    Two types of Udvarthanam are mentioned in the classical texts:

    1. Ruksha Udvarthanam - dry powders only.

    2. Snigdha Udvarthanam - dry herbal powders are mixed with an oil.

    A warm medicinal powder is prepared by one of our experienced therapists and consists of various herbs ? suited to your unique needs.

    Different to other Ayurvedic treatments performed in a downward ⬇️ (anulomana) movement, Udvarthanam is performed in the upwards ⬆️ (prathiloma) direction. It is highly beneficial for kapha and vata disorders and improving circulation and complexion of the skin.

    Other indications for Udvarthanam treatment include:

    - excess weight.

    - excess sweating.

    - itching sensation.

    - low ? energy.

    - heaviness.

    This treatment is often done before the start of a special occasion. Prior to my Indian Wedding ? a turmeric paste was used including a combination of complexion promoting herbs of Sariva, Yasthimadhu, Sandalwood etc. blended with the most luxurious Saffron oil. The warm aromatic herbal paste applied and massaged into the body is divine ?

    The udvarthanam treatment finishes with a steam bath. A truly energising treatment. If you are interested in experiencing this massage for yourself you are welcome to make a booking via our website or by calling 0406 810 547 during office hours.

    With love the Lakshmi team ??