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  • Do you suffer from a gynaecological ailment, had recently a baby or would like to keep healthy?

    April 19, 2022 2 min read

    Do you suffer from a gynaecological ailment, had recently a baby or would like to keep healthy?
    This yoni chair might be perfect for you. 

    Yoni steaming is an Ayurvedic practice used to treat many gynaecological disorders. ♨️

    Vaginal steaming  is not only done when there is an ailment it can be beneficial for the healthy person and it is traditionally done in the post partum period which is called Sutika in Ayurveda. 

    It is said that this treatment can be useful in treating fibroids, candidiasis, painful periods and used in fertility treatment.

    The localised steaming of the vaginal area helps to increase circulation within the area. This helps to improve the blood flow.♨️

    If you would like to find out more continue reading.

    Dhoopana is the method of fumigation using substances of plant (sthavara), mineral and animal (jangama) origin. 

    Steaming is not only done in Yonivyapad (gynaecological disorders) but also karnarogas (ailment of the ears), nasarogas (ailments of the nose) and gudrogas (anorectal disease).

    Yoni dhoopana is the fumigation of the vulva and the vagina with a medicinal smoke. It has been mentioned in the classical textbooks in the treatment of yonivyapad (gynaecological disorder) and Sutika (post partum). 

    It is not only indicated in the treatment of disease (vyadhi chikitsa) is is also beneficial for the healthy person (swasthya rakshana).

    Dhoopana herbs have been mentioned in the Bruhatrayi and Kashaypa Samhita (classical Ayurvedic textbooks). The ayurvedic herbs used are mainly katu/ heating, tikta/ bitter, laghu/ light and ruksha/drying in nature.

    Benefits of Dhoopana

    ♨️Krimighna - anti parasite 

    ♨️Kandughna - alleviates itchiness 

    ♨️Shothahara - reduces swelling 

    ♨️Vranaropaka - wound healing 

    ♨️Vranashodhana - wound cleansing 

    ♨️Kledoshoshaka - removes moisture 

    ♨️Durgandhahara - removes a bad smell 

    Yoni Dhoopana in Sutika paricharya (benefits of steaming post partum). Traditionally the steam can be done all over the body especially the waist. 

      1. Healing of episiotomy wounds or vaginal tears 

      1. Pacifies Vata 

      1. Balances ph 

      1. Promotes healing 

      1. Helps to restore uterus and vagina to their normal state

      1. Prevents urinary and vaginal infections 

      1. Helps in preventing back ache and pain in the lumbar region 

    Best time for Yoni Dhoopana? 

    Best to do in the morning or evenings after having a bath.

    5-10 minutes is advised for 10 consecutive days. 

    Dhoopana drugs: 

    Guggulu, Vacha, Haridra, Nimba, Khadira, Kustha, Jatamamsi, Tulsi, Pippali, Shatapushpa, Lavana  and many more. The herbs are carefully selected depending on the ladies needs. 

    It is important to speak with your practitioner to determine if this treatment is suitable for you. For any questions or you are interested in purchasing a Yoni chair email: or ph: 0406810547

    We wish you a beautiful day. 

    With Love, Karin 

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