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  • Dhopana for the Ears

    June 24, 2020 1 min read

    Dhopana for the Ears

    Do you experience excess ear ? wax? Fungal or bacterial ear infections? If so, Dhopana for the ears may be suitable for you!

    We have prepared Dhumavarti in the Lakshmi kitchen. Dhuma is a Sanskrit word for “smoke”

    Dhumapana, the inhalation of a medicinal ? smoke.

    We can learn about the practice of Dhumapana in the classical Ayurvedic text, Ashtanga Hridaya Sutrasthana Ch. 21.

    Different types of Dhumapana are mentioned:

    Snigdha Dhuma - useful in Vata imbalance.

    Madhya Dhuma - medium strength, useful in Vata and Kapha imbalance also known as Shamana Dhuma.

    Teekshna Dhuma - strong, useful in Kapha imbalance. Also known as virechana Dhuma.

    The smoke inhalation ?is done after Akshi Tarpana (Ayurvedic eye treatment) ?, Nasya treatment, Vamana and other Ayurvedic treatments.

    The smoke will help to remove any excess Kapha from the ears, such as earwax and is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

    There are several contra indications mentioned for Dhumapana, and it is advised to see an Ayurvedic practitioner prior starting the Dhumapana.

    For more information about having dhumapana treatment you are welcome to email

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