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  • Back to School Tips...

    February 11, 2020 2 min read

    Back to School Tips...
    First day back at school tomorrow

    I am sure a lot of Mums are busy today labelling pens and books and thinking of the lunch box preparation for tomorrow.

    1. Encourage water intake, avoid sugary drinks. Our favourite water bottle is Hydro flask (available at Lakshmi’s shop). Avoid iced drinks, room temperature is best.
    2. Encourage to eat fruits at morning recess and not after lunch. According to Ayurveda fruit should not be eaten after a main meal. Avoid mixing too many different types of fruit, keep it simple. Watermelon is best eaten by itself.

    3. Avoid anything wrapped in plastic 
    4. Have you tried Bee’s wrap to wrap a sandwich, reusable slide lock snack bags or Ever Eco stainless steel Bento boxes? We LOVE Ever Eco
    5. Avoid white sugar replace with coconut sugar or rapadura sugar
    6. Avoid white bread replace with rye, spelt, wholemeal (check the labels for ingredients). Pumpernickel bread is yummy too.
    7. For sweets and treats, we recommend homemade cookies, banana bread, carrot cakes.
    8. Dates are full of energy
    9. Filling suggestions for your wrap or sandwich cooked beetroot, carrots, green beans, cucumber, lettuce, halloumi and hummus.
    10. Avoid margarines - best to use organic unsalted butter or Ghee. We LOVE Ghee.
    11. According to Ayurveda cooked and warm food is preferred. We love the 24 hot food jar from myfamily (available at Lakshmis shop).
    12. Home made popcorn with a sprinkle of salt or maple syrup - avoid salty chips packets 

    Lily and myself just made those cookies and they are delicious.

    Butter cookies

    100gm Butter
    250 organic flour
    80 coconut sugar
    1 Egg
    50 gm organic white chocolate (optional)

    Mix all the ingredients, roll into little walnut size balls, press down with a fork and bake for 15-20 minutes on C180.

    We wish you a great start on the first day back at school.
    If you have more questions or would like guidance on Ayurvedic nutrition you are welcome to book an initial consultation.

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    With Love your Lakshmi Ayurveda team