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  • Ayurveda and Sleep

    September 22, 2020 1 min read

    Ayurveda and Sleep

    How are your sleeping ? habits? The classical texts ? explain that sleep is a pillar of health. If we are not getting adequate sleep, the body will be unable to fully repair and rejuvenate.

    We have many people come to the clinic with sleeping ? concerns. Whether it be waking up throughout the night, over or under sleeping, difficulty falling asleep, etc, Ayurveda provides a number of helpful tips and herbs that can help support your ? beauty sleep.

    If you struggle with your sleep, the best place to start would be booking an initial consultation. In the consultation you will be provided with lifestyle and diet advise as well as Ayurvedic herbal recommendations - all of which are essential when addressing sleeping issues.

    If you have any questions you’re welcome to email us at or call/text 0406 810 547. We wish you a great week ahead!