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  • The Benefits of Bottle Gourd

    January 08, 2021 1 min read

    The Benefits of Bottle Gourd
    Bottle gourd is also called Lauki.
    This vegetable might be very beneficial for you. I am the biggest fan.
    I would like to share the wonderful benefits of one of the oldest vegetables on the planet.

    According to Ayurveda bottle gourd nourishes all the dhatus and keeps peace among the five elements.
    Its madhura (sweet) and kashaya (astringent) taste cools any excess heat in the body especially beneficial for your liver. Unlike many other watery squashes it will not aggravate your Kapha dosha which has tendency to retain water.
    On a subtle level Lauki is said to open the heart and calm the emotions.
    In Ayurveda it is also known to prevent premature greying and improve hair growth .

    Some more of the wonderful benefits
    1. Cooling for your body and mind
    2. Rich in iron, vitamins and minerals
    3. Water retention, urinary complaints
    4. Acidity, stomach ulcers
    5. Hepatic disease
    6. Regulates blood pressure
    7. Helps in weight loss
    8. Cardio protective properties
    9. Beneficial in diabetes
    10. Nourishes female reproductive system, recommended during pregnancy

    Bottle gourd is often available in the Asian food stores.
    Yum Yum I am definitely will be including this more regular in my diet.
    Much Love, Karin XX