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  • Winter Solstice and Ayurveda

    June 25, 2021 2 min read

    Winter Solstice and Ayurveda
    Yesterday we experienced the Winter Solstice here in the Southern Hemisphere. Marked as the shortest day of the year followed by the longest night, we reflect on Ayurvedic routines and practices to bring into our lives and enhance our daily experience.

    Going inwards - time for reflection and rest. The darkness encourages us to go inwards, to commune with the soul and reflect on our choices and experiences - Reflection upon our actions, thoughts, purpose and lifestyle. What areas feel authentic and true and which areas can we redirect our efforts? These are the questions we ponder. Taking slow, steady and gradual efforts to introduce change.

    Meditation is a great practice for integrating the above into our daily lives. Slow and subtle changes start to emerge through a dedicated yogic practice. In addition, following an Ayurvedic Diet during the winter months and the time around the solstice can provide our bodies with optimal immunity and strength to keep the digestive fire strong. Following an Ayurvedic routine and lifestyle encourages sattvic flow throughout our mind and body to balance the tamasic energy of the dark winter days.

    From an Ayurvedic standpoint, we suggest refraining from over-sleeping, over-eating and over-stimulating activities to give the body the opportunity to rest and renew. Our homemade Ashwagandha leyham is perfect for this season, as it boosts Ojas and strengthens both our immunity and physical constitution.

    If you’re curious to know which foods, lifestyle routines and activities are most suitable for you we suggest booking in for an initial consultation with one of our practitioners. During the consultation you will be provided with an individualised program suited to your unique set of needs.

    The link to book an appointment is in our bio. Wishing you a great day ahead ✨

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