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  • What NOT to do after a meal

    December 08, 2021 1 min read

    What NOT to do after a meal
    All  persons wether healthy or sick, should avoid speaking, singing, fighting, walking long distance, exercise, sleeping, exposure to sun and fire, travel in vehicles,  swimming and riding on animals soon after consuming food. 

    Best to abstain for one muhurta (a period of 48 minutes): Ayurvedic Samhitas 

    Is there anything mentioned you do regular after eating. We would Love to hear your thoughts

    A few No’s after eating especially during the warmer weather are: 

      1. Exercise 

      1. Ocean or swimming pool 

      1. Day sleep

      1. Cold and iced water 

      1. Talk loudly

    Yesterday we posted about watermelon and the healthiest way to eat them. Ayurveda gives us an enormous insight on how to eat. 

    This includes 

      1. Ayurvedic healthy eating guidelines 

      1. An ideal food routine

      1. What to eat and how to eat it

      1. The ideal time of taking food 

      1. Preparing food

      1. Eating seasonal foods 

      1. Incompatible food guidelines and unfavourable food combining 

    If you find out how to eat healthy according to your unique Ayurvedic (body type) constitution. 

    We would recommend an initial Ayurvedic consultation. 

    A great gift for Christmas.

    We look forward to welcoming you at Lakshmi’s clinic. 

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