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  • Trataka Meditation

    November 11, 2019 1 min read

    Trataka Meditation
    Do you suffer from poor concentration, a busy mind and weak eyes?

    Try Trataka a gazing meditation

    Trataka is a Sanskrit word which means “to look” or “ to gaze”.

    For the purification of the mind, the thoughts and the senses this practice can be very helpful.

    It is a meditation technique which focuses on a single point/ object. The object can be a candle flame, picture of ones deity or guru, a flower, a fruit or a leaf or a black dot on a white paper.

    Benefits of Trataka
    ✔️ Good for eye health, it strengthens the muscles surrounding the eyes
    ✔️Calming for the nervous system
    ✔️ A practice to move from the outer world into the inside world
    ✔️Improves concentration and memory
    ✔️Sleep promoting

    How to practice
    1. Sit in a comfortable upright position in front of a candle
    2. Place the candle about 60 cm in front of you, best if elevated to your eye line
    3. Try to look at the flame without blinking, as you do this kriya more often it will become easier.
    4. The eyes may get tired and may water. If this happens close the eyes and rest for a while.
    5. Repeat a few times then move into the internal Trataka

    Internal Trataka
    1. Close your eyes after practicing the above steps
    2. Concentrate on the third eyes (Ajna Chakra)

    Enjoy this peaceful practice.
    We wish you a beautiful start to the week.
    With Love your Lakshmi Ayurveda team