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  • Nourish Your Heart With Arjuna

    January 06, 2020 2 min read

    Nourish Your Heart With Arjuna
    ❤️Nourish your heart with Arjuna ❤️

    Arjuna - Terminalia Arjuna

    Arjuna is a huge tree (growing up to 25 metres) which is found throughout India, especially near rivers and streams.
    Arjuna is also the name of the hero figure of the Mahabharata. He brings strength and protection to his family just as Arjuna brings these qualities to the body.

    Arjuna is effective on heart, blood vessels and the rakta Dhatu. It provides nourishment to the heart and is the drug of choice for many ailments and is used as:
    1. a cardiac tonic.
    2. To enhance blood quality
    3. to reduce oedema
    4. Helps with wound healing
    5. Fractures
    6. Menorrhoea and and many other ailments.

    Ischemic heart disease (IHD), or Hridroga is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the Western world and is now considered a modern epidemic. Arjuna may be the medicine that provides maximum benefits and minimum side. It is the acclaimed heart tonic of ancient times.

    Although Arjuna has shown great results in heart disease, Charaka has noted the importance of the removal of causes (Nidana parivarjana).

    Tips to prevent heart disease
    1. Don’t overeat
    2. avoid alcohol and smoking
    3. Avoid unhealthy fats, excess salt and sugary diet
    4. Exercise, yoga meditation
    5. Reduce stress levels
    6. Avoid day sleeping

    There are many Ayurvedic formulations with Arjuna, Arjunarishtam is one formulation. Arjunarishtam is also known as Parthadyaristham.

    The arishta is a type of Madhya kalpana, which was referred to in the Vedas for anesthetic and narcotic purposes. Along with Shukta kalpanas, they make up the Sandhana kalpanas, which are liquid formulations made by process of fermentation.

    The benefits of using Arjuna in an alcoholic formulation are:
    * Facilitation of extraction of active principle contained in the dravyas
    * Natural preservative, giving it the longest shelf life
    * Protection from spoilage of active principle from micro organisms
    * Quick in action due to sukshma nature
    * The alcohol offers deepana/pachana (promotes digestive fire) benefits in addition to main action
    * Srotosodhanan, ruchivardhan, kaphavataja vyadhi nashak, malashodhaka

    The five ingredients of Arjunarista are:
    1. Arjun twak (the bark of Terminalia Arjuna)
    2. Manaka Drākshā (raisins)
    3. Gur (Jaggery)

    Fermentation initiators:
    4.Madhuka Pushpa (the flower of Madhuka indica, Butter Tree, yellow-white flowers)
    5.Dhataki Pushpa (the flower of Woodfordia fruticosa, Fire Flame Bush, red flowers, dried and not crushed)

    The dosage of Arjunaristham is 20 mls in the same amount of water after meals. Self prescription is not recommended and we advise to see an Ayurvedic practitioner to assess if this is suited for you.

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